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Dad jokes are the kind of cheesy puns and riddles that make you laugh and cringe at the same time. They have a unique charm, and their cheesiness often adds to their appeal. Dad jokes are a type of humor that is often associated with fathers, though they can be told by anyone. Generally, dad jokes are based on puns or play-on-words, and they are used to teasingly annoy or embarrass their children.

The stereotype image of a dad joke involves a father telling a pun to his kids, and their rolling eyes or cringing in embarrassment. However, research shows that these kinds of jokes are part of a father’s toolkit for engaging with their kids and connecting through laughter. They help to build a sense of closeness in their relationship, and they also teach their children how to deal with feelings of embarrassment.

A big part of the charm of dad jokes is their simplicity and predictability. They are easy to understand, and the punch-line is often obvious (and, therefore, a little painful). The groans and eye-rolls that are associated with dad jokes are what makes them funny, and they are not exclusive to fathers.

The concept of dad jokes is not new, and it can be found in many cultures. For example, Japanese culture has a similar phenomenon called oyaji gyagu and Danish culture has morfar vittigheder. While ‘dad joke’ is now the dominant term in the United States, there are other names for this style of humor in other countries: ‘onkel humor’ and ‘uncle humour’, to name just two examples. dad jokes


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