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The team at this cosy eastern suburbs salon has curl love written all over it. Swathed in Aveda aromas, you’ll be greeted by one of Melbourne’s best curly hair cutters who will transform your kinks into a sleek and sophisticated style.

This salon specialises in all things textured and curly and is known for its exceptional haircutting, personal hair consultations and co-wash and styling sessions. You’ll leave with a beautiful haircut and the knowledge to maintain your curls at home.

Danika is the curly girl whisperer and teaches clients how to embrace their ringlets, coils and swirls through education and a focus on using organic and Australian made products. Her ethos is ‘minimum fuss, maximum impact’. She advises that curly hair should be trimmed every 12-16 weeks to help prevent damage and catch any Fairy knots (tangles on the end of your curls) before they develop into serious problems.

Neel Morley is Melbourne’s High Priest of kinks, loops and curls and his Fitzroy salon looks like a shrine. Clients – or ‘curlfriends’ as he refers to them – come in with tangled, frizzy strands and glide out looking like Renaissance paintings. The only catch is that bookings are hotly contested and he’s often booked out months in advance.

Exceptional curls are a result of both a well-designed haircut and the right products. But don’t be fooled by a salon that claims to specialise in curls but promotes chemical straightening and extensions or prioritises product selling over effective cutting techniques.curly hair specialist Melbourne


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