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Choosing the Right Apparel Finishing Services

Whether you’re retailing custom printed apparel, or giving your merchandise out as promotional gifts, the right finishing services will add to the overall appeal of your brand. From screen printing and embroidery to tagging, hem tags and folding services, there’s plenty of options to make your garments look and feel their best.

Garment finishing is the last stage of transforming your designs into finished products. This is a vital part of the production process that requires attention to detail. It is also the time when errors can have a huge impact on the final product’s quality, which is why it’s important to work with an apparel manufacturer who offers a high-quality finishing service.

Fabric Finishing

Garments are fabricated through a series of processes including dyeing, weaving, and printing. Textile manufacturers work closely with fashion forecasters to create fabrics in colors, textures, and qualities that anticipate consumer demand. This process consumes a significant amount of water, which is a major concern for the environment and human health.

The use of harmful chemicals used in fabric finishing contributes to pollution of rivers, lakes and seas. Water contamination from fabric finishes can cause skin irritation and eye damage to people who are in contact with the water. Some chemicals are also dangerous to fish. To reduce the impact of these chemicals, some companies are developing finishing alternatives that are water free and biodegradable.

Embroidery, Tags and Labels

For a professional appearance, adding embroidered logos to your clothing is an excellent way to increase the visibility of your brand. Embroidery and screen printing are ideal for branding T-shirts, hoodies and hats.

Depending on your garments, you might want to add a swing tag or woven label. This is an easy option that adds a nice touch of branding to your apparel. Another popular option is adding hang tagging to your clothes. Rather than using paper stickers, which can be easily removed and are often difficult to read, you can add a bespoke hang tagging service from a merch agency like Family Industries. The company will print your branded information on a sleeve or bottom hem of the garment for a premium look.

To help you source a CMT or FPP factory for your next collection, Sewport offers a simple filter system to connect you with professionals based on your production requirements. Sign up today to find a manufacturer that suits your needs. Once you’ve found a manufacturer, you can discuss all your specifications and tech packs through the platform, so it’s easy to get started. You can even request samples of the fabric you’ll be using in your collections before making a full-scale order. This allows you to test the production quality and ensures that your garments are made exactly to your requirements. This is perfect for brands who are looking to retain control over their garment production. Then once you’ve got a sample, you can start collaborating with the manufacturer to scale up your orders and begin your production journey! apparel finishing services


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