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Fire fighting pump is a system that generates hydraulic pressure for water supply in fire fighting operations. The hydraulic pressure is required for automatic sprinkler systems, standpipes and foam systems in the event of a fire. Fire fighting pumps can be powered by diesel, electricity or steam. They can also be used as a backup in case of power outages at a facility.

Choosing the right fire fighting pump is critical to ensure proper performance in a fire emergency. Ideally, the pump should be capable of delivering a sufficient amount of water pressure at the highest point of a building. This is typically calculated using the building’s layout and size, as well as the suction and discharge hose diameters and lengths, to provide adequate water flow.

When selecting a fire pump, the power consumption is an important consideration. Depending on the design of the pump, the power requirements can be calculated by either using a constant rising power curve or a head and flow chart.

In addition to being required by NFPA standards, fire fighting pumps should undergo regular inspections and maintenance to ensure they are ready for a fire emergency. This includes churn tests on a monthly basis and annual flow tests. Performing these inspections can help prevent failure of the fire pump in a crisis and protect lives.

Hale’s Qmax single-stage centrifugal fire pump provides NFPA 1901 rated flows and is designed for easy maintenance. It is available with a split shaft, PTO or drive thru gearbox and features an innovative one-piece body for easier access to the impeller and mechanical seal. Its compact design requires less space in your truck, freeing up space for water, foam or equipment. It also has a lower head height which minimises piping requirements and improves cab visibility.


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