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Choosing a Baby Girl Name That’s Not Too Popular

Choosing the perfect baby girl name will set your daughter up for success and help her grow into an independent woman. It’s important to find a moniker that feels right to you and your partner, so it’s something you can stand behind from the start. But you also want to ensure her first initials look great in a monogram, and that the name isn’t too popular. Too many parents experience “baby name regret” when they pick a popular moniker for their child.

You can avoid this mistake by scouring our baby names lists for up-and-coming trends and unique girl names that won’t be as common in years to come. These lists are based on Social Security Administration data from people applying for their children’s Social Security cards, which is updated annually.

Sage Sage is a feminine name with Latin roots that translates to wise or healthy. This unisex moniker was a top 10 baby name in 2021. Aria Aria didn’t rank in the top 1,000 until 2001, when actress Penelope Cruz made her debut as the character of sexy cop Olivia Benson on NBC’s “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.” It’s since fallen out of the top 100 and has been trending down for years.

Mildred Mildred was a top 1,000 baby name in the 19th century, but it fell out of the rankings after World War II. It’s a rare girl name that could inspire your little one to follow her own path with gentle strength.


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