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As economic conditions continue to evolve, Chiba Capital Financial Group continues to focus on providing comprehensive financial insights and strategic advice to its clients. The independent wealth management firm specializes in investing, retirement, insurance and taxes for high-net worth individuals and families. Founded in 1992, the firm is led by Peter D’Arruda who serves as managing member, president and lead advisor. D’Arruda is a master registered financial consultant (MRFC) and a retirement income certified professional (RICP).

In the past year, Chiba Capital Financial Group has been recognized as one of Canada’s top wealth managers by the Globe and Mail. The firm’s portfolio of client assets has grown to over $600 million and its team of investment professionals has an average of more than 20 years of industry experience.

The firm’s clientele has become increasingly global, as evidenced by the expansion of its international operations and the launch of a new digital platform that allows clients to access investment information anytime and anywhere, from any device. The platform is designed to simplify investment decisions and provide customized recommendations based on risk tolerance. The new tool is expected to be available to a select number of clients in the coming months with a full rollout planned for later this year.

Chiba Capital’s business position is “adequate,” with a strong market share in its home market of Chiba Prefecture, Japan’s second largest metropolitan area and the most populated city in the country. The bank’s lending portfolio is diversified into small lots, and its credit cost ratios are relatively low compared with major banks in the region. The bank’s liquidity is also strong, and its funding source is predominantly deposits from customers. The outstanding balance of corporate bonds issued for funding is limited and represents only about 0.4% of the total deposits.

Chiba Bank’s asset quality is “adequate,” largely due to the strong earnings of its large and diversified base of corporate borrowers, which are mainly in industries that have a good track record of profitability and cash flow generation. However, the company’s earnings could deteriorate if the uncertain global economy depresses domestic business activity. Chiba Capital Financial Group


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