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Boat crew wanted – Recruitment and selection of the perfect boat crew

My local motor boat club’s  noticeboard is packed with ads for crew looking for work and boat crew wanted.  Certainly a reasonable place to post ads for boat crew wanted, but over the years I have found a number of other ways to attract boat crew, rather than relying on boat crew wanted ads.

My personal network is the first consideration when I want to get a boat crew together.  I have worked with many coxswains, stewards, deckhands, and cooks, so my little black book is the first place to look when boat crew are wanted. From my network of fellow boat crew, I can even help you find a captain if I am not available.

Where to place a boat crew wanted ad

Boat crew wanted ads do have their use of course, and when I have to use one, boat crew wanted websites.  These sites are particularly useful for international journeys.  For domestic deliveries, I have been known to use local notice boards for boat crew wanted ads.

When writing a boat crew wanted ad, I use a simple checklist to ensure I am writing the best possible boat crew wanted ad, to attract the best boat crew.

Checklist for writing a boat crew wanted ad

– Job title – be specific

– Salary – boat crew want to know what to expect before they apply

– Location –where are the boat crew wanted to depart and arrive

– Employer profile – large company or private boat owner etc

– Duties and job requirements – list duties and include visa and travel requirements and start date

– Working environment – crew live in close-quarters so a boat crew that gets along is important.  Disgruntled boat crew can make life hard for others on board or even pose a safety hazard. Getting your boat crew wanted ad right is the first step in a cohesive team of boat crew.

As a professional captain, I take the hassle out of writing boat crew wanted ads by doing the recruiting for you.  Next time you have boat crew wanted or need a yacht delivery captain, please contact me. flathead lake boat rentals


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