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A lot of work and energy goes into pumping and expressing breast milk so moms can nourish their babies. The last thing they want is for their liquid gold to spill or tear on the way into their freezer stash. This is why the best milk storage bags are designed to be durable and leak proof.

Look for bags made from food grade silicone, which are a safer alternative to plastic (which isn’t good for baby’s gut). Look for bags with a wide opening so that the breast milk can easily be poured in and out, double zipper locks to keep air out, and reinforced seams to prevent rips.

The latest version of these bags are designed to be re-used 5 times (as opposed to only 3 times with the older model). They also thaw much faster than other brands in our tests and have an oxygen barrier that keeps the milk fresh.

These are a favorite of many breastfeeding and pumping mamas. They hold up well in the fridge and freezer, are easy to dispense from, and have a double zipper seal that works really well. They are also super affordable and come with a cool freezer tray to help you organize your milk in the freezer.

These are made in the USA with BPA free, food grade silicone. They have a great design that makes it easy to pour milk out and can be used for other liquids, mushy foods, or as ice packs or hand warmers. They have a large opening and can be stored laying down or standing up to save space in the freezer. reusable milk storage bags


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