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pre insulated ductwork provides insulation to reduce heat loss, optimize energy efficiency and create a more comfortable environment for building occupants. These duct systems are pre-fabricated and come with integrated insulation, such as foam boards (Kingspan), mineral wool (Rockwool, Paroc) or even fire rated insulation (Promat).

Pre-insulated ducts are also a more efficient solution than traditional galvanized sheet metal ducts since they do not require a separate lagging process to insulate the metal core. In addition, they are designed to be assembled in one operation, which significantly cuts installation time.

The insulation in pre-insulated ducts is often made from recycled materials or from renewable sources. This is an important consideration as it can have an impact on the environmental and health standards of a project, as well as its price and availability.

In addition to energy savings, a pre-insulated duct system can offer additional benefits such as noise reduction and fire resistance. This is particularly relevant for projects that have stringent environmental and safety requirements, such as schools, hospitals or airports.

Kingspan KoolDuct, a leading pre-insulated air duct system, has been developed to meet these requirements. It combines high-performance phenolic insulation with aluminium facing on both sides to deliver an exceptionally lightweight and compact duct solution. This helps to save space in the ceiling while reducing installation times, cutting down on labour costs. In addition, it minimizes air leakage, which can result in reduced fan energy consumption and whole life cost savings for the building owner.


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