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An Instant Boiling Water Tap is a Kitchen Must-Have

An instant boiling water tap is a kitchen must-have for those who regularly boil the kettle. These 3-in-1 taps are easy to use, hygienic and look stylish.

They are also more reliable than a traditional kettle, as they can’t be knocked over or dropped. They also use less energy than a kettle.

It’s easy to use

Boiling water taps take the hassle out of brewing tea and coffee, blanching vegetables, cooking pasta and noodles and cleaning grease from pans. They also help you to cut down on wasted plastic and save money on energy bills.

Designed to replace your kettle, these nifty gadgets work by plumbing into a compact boiler tank which is usually fitted underneath your sink. The tank heats the cold water that flows in from your normal kitchen tap supply and stores it at boiling point until you activate the tap. When you turn the tap on it dispenses boiling water instantly. Once you’re finished, the tank preheats back up again.

You can control the temperature settings on your boiling water tap with a range of options to suit the needs of your household. You can choose from different hot water temperatures for different types of tea, or you could set the tap to a lower temperature that is ideal for coffee to avoid burning and spoiling the beans.

The safety features on most boiling water taps are second to none. They typically feature a child-proof catch which needs to be pressed down and held in place for the tap to dispense hot water. They can also have a button which must be pressed before the valve is turned to introduce boiling water to prevent accidental scalding.

It’s hygienic

Boiling water taps are a sleek addition to any modern kitchen. They’re available in a range of finishes and styles so you can find a tap that will complement your existing decor. They look pure class and will certainly impress your guests. But they’re not just about the looks – these taps are also hygienic and maintain proper temperature.

Most models of boiling water taps heat the water to 98oC which is suitable for making hot drinks and cooking. If you have young children, these taps will come with childproof features and lock systems to ensure that kids don’t accidentally scald themselves. They will also have timer functions that shut the tap off after a certain amount of time, to prevent accidental use of dangerously hot water.

These taps also have a safety feature which keeps the handle cool to the touch. They’re also insulated so that the water doesn’t become scorching hot. This also means that the water won’t drip onto surfaces, which could otherwise cause burns.

In commercial settings, boiling water taps are ideal for replacing bulky water urns on the refreshments bar. They’re easy to use and maintain, delivering quick access to hot water for staff members. They can even be configured to deliver up to five different mains-fed water types, including still, chilled ambient and sparkling, all on demand.

It’s stylish

When it comes to modern kitchen gadgetry, a boiling water tap takes the cake for style and convenience. This sleek tap sits on your work surface and connects to a tank underneath, which heats the water. Typically, these tanks are insulated to maintain the proper temperature. These taps are also great for the environment as you can ditch your old kettle and stop producing those one-use plastics.

The best boiling water taps have multiple settings for your preferred cuppa. This means you can choose from hot, warm or a combination of both to create the perfect cup. You can also use these taps to blanch veggies or cook noodles and pasta. They are also a popular choice for people with limited mobility as they eliminate the need to lift and pour a kettle.

These stylish taps can cost a bit more than traditional taps but they are a fashionable and practical addition to your home. There’s also a range of different styles to suit your kitchen decor, including a variety of finishes and colours. The good news is, these taps will last for a long time as they are made from durable materials. However, you will need to clean them on a regular basis to keep them looking great. You can clean them with diluted lemon juice to return the natural shine and remove any build-up of grime.

It’s affordable

A boiling water tap is a fantastic addition to any kitchen, whether you’re installing it new or remodeling. It’s a stylish, space-saving way to dispense hot filtered water and can help you save money on energy bills.

They’re also much safer than a traditional kettle as they employ child safety features like sprung handles that require pushing before twisting to activate. This prevents children from accidentally turning on the tap and scalding themselves. Plus, they keep a constant temperature so you don’t have to worry about overheating your water.

Most taps are factory-set to a water temperature of up to 98 degrees, which is ideal for tea and coffee. This ensures that the water is safe and healthy to drink, while still providing all the benefits of boiled water. Boiling water taps can also save you a lot of money on energy bills – it costs 10-15p a day to boil the same amount of water that a kettle would, so it quickly adds up.

You’ll need to pay for the installation of a boiling water tap and make sure you have the right plumbing connections, but they can cost as little as £295 if you buy a freestanding model. Wall mounted models are more expensive to install, but they’ll provide a more efficient use of space in your kitchen.


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