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The colonization in America started in the year 1492 when the famous explorer Christopher Columbus landed on the soil of the America. He is the person who gave the name America t this continent. I really hope that you must know that the Christopher Columbus initially wanted to discover India, but he ended in discovering America. I really feel that this is one of the major discoveries of all times. When the United States was not independent then at that time America was divided into thirteen colonies. These colonies really united and formed one of the strongest countries of all times and that is America.

Either you talk about the Spain or England, Holland or France, all have them had a chance to rule over some parts of America. I really feel that the American colonies have long history. The Europeans have ruled here but they were really away from this place unless and until the year 1492 when they found out the great continent of America.

The first conquest was really made by the Spanish and the Portuguese who were the first to form the colonies in the year 1494. I really feel that the European countries mainly the Spanish and the Portuguese really enjoyed ruling in the different colonies which they really developed during the period when they were in power.

The rule of these two countries did not last for long. The British and the French really decided to take the initiatives. I must say that they really were able to snatch the power from the Spanish and the Portuguese. They really fought many battles but finally the most number of the colonies was under the British.

The country of America however strived for the independence. Many battles were fought, but at last they were able to earn the independence. However I must tell you that it was not too easy. It was really a hard fought battle.

The European left the country but left behind so many architectural works that they cannot really be forgotten. However you can say that that was the golden period for the architecture but you cannot really say that it was a golden period for the country as well. I really feel that it was really a period full of epidemics. Many diseases became known in this period. And I must say that many lives were lost during this period.

The house style of this period is really different from all the other houses that were being built afterwards. I really love this old styles and I do feel that you would love it too. The luxury and the comfort in these houses are really up till the maximum limit. Prime Rentals Cartagena


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