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A Guide to Finding a Machining Parts Manufacturer

Machined parts are used in a wide range of industries for numerous applications. They are highly functional and offer many advantages over other types of parts such as molded or 3D printed. They are often cheaper to produce, and they can be made quickly and in large quantities without the need for costly injection molding or casting tools. Injection molded and cast parts can have limitations in terms of design, but machined parts can be easily modified to meet specific needs.

When designing machining parts manufacturer it is important to use design for manufacturing (DfM) principles. Parts should be designed based on the production process they will undergo, and considerations should be taken for any potential machining issues such as undercuts.

Undercuts are sections in a workpiece that cannot be cut by standard cutting tools because they are obstructing the tool’s path of travel. They can be created in a variety of ways, but they should always be considered during the design phase and carefully controlled to avoid damage to the machine or a poor quality part.

Manufacturer of custom and OEM machined metal and plastic components. Capabilities include CNC machining and turning, milling, grinding, WEDM, EDM, honing and inspection. Serves industrial, automotive, aerospace and military markets. Typical materials handled are aluminum, stainless steel (17-4 and Inconel 625 & 718), brass, copper, bronze and alloys. Also provides forming, notching and shearing services. Offers prototype and low to high volume production. Meets ISO 9001, CSA and UL standards. VMI and Kanban programs available.

Custom manufacturers of machined parts in a wide range of materials including nylon, polycarbonate, Noryl, ABS, PVC and PVDF. Machining capabilities include turning, milling, drilling and knurling. Other processes include bending, punching, forming and shearing. Offers a variety of finishes to improve strength, chemical resistance and appearance. Meets ANSI, FDA, UL and cUL requirements. Provides CAD and CAM software, engineering, lean manufacturing and vendor managed inventory (VMI). CSA approved.

Providing custom and OEM metal and plastic machined parts, fabricated assemblies and components. CAD and CAM files accepted, as well as blanket orders, lean manufacturing and JIT delivery. Products include bushings, collars, connectors, pins, shafts and spacers in a range of sizes. Specs include diameter, tolerance, material, finish and finish type. CSA approved and ITAR registered. Located in USA.


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