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A voiceover artist, also known as a voice actor or a voice-over talent, is responsible for recording the off-camera narration and dialogue that accompanies many video productions. These include commercials, infomercials and even some films. These recordings serve as a way for the audience to get additional information about the film’s subject.

While a unique and recognizable voice may help an aspiring voiceover artist rise to the top of this competitive industry, other soft skills are equally important. The ability to improvise is essential, as is the capacity to work well outside of one’s comfort zone. These traits are crucial for a career that often requires an actor to read scripts that they have never seen before.

A career in voice acting is a great option for those with a passion for drama and an engaging speaking voice. In order to make it in the field, aspiring voice actors need to hone their craft by working with either an acting coach or a voice coach. They should also spend time practicing with books and articles that contain a wide range of words in different contexts to become familiar with the different sounds that a word can have.

In addition, aspiring voiceover artists should develop an impressive demo reel that showcases their talents. This can be a collection of clips that feature imitations of other voices, as well as a sample of their natural sound. This will allow clients to determine if they have the right tone for their project. Additionally, it is important to be able to produce clear diction and avoid mumbling or swallowing.

Depending on the specific projects they take on, voice actors can earn anywhere from $20 per hour up to $100 or more. They may work with a variety of companies, including video game studios, audiobook producers and advertising agencies. They are typically paid on a contract basis, meaning they only get paid when they have completed their assigned tasks.

Many people start this type of career without having any formal qualifications or training. They may have a background in singing, radio broadcasting or acting, or they may be new to the industry and want to try their hand at a freelance career. Some of these artists are semi-professionals who use voice over gigs as a source of supplemental income while others are highly successful top professionals who earn their living entirely from the profession.

Aspiring voice artists should be prepared for a long, difficult road to the top of their field. Many talented people give up before breaking through to the big leagues, so it is essential for those pursuing this type of work to stay dedicated and never stop learning. Once they are able to build up a solid portfolio, they can start looking for repeat clients that will help them sustain their careers over the long term. In some cases, these recurring gigs can lead to full-time acting careers that last into retirement years.


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