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4iii Review of the Power 105 Racket

Whether you’re a new listener or longtime fan of the station, power 105 offers a great mix of music from some of today’s biggest hip hop artists. The station is owned by iHeartMedia and has been a staple in the hip hop world for years. The annual Powerhouse concerts have become a staple for the station, bringing some of the biggest artists to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn every fall. Whether it’s Xzibit, Ludacris and Ja Rule in 2001 or Drake, Rick Ross and Trey Songz in 2011, the event always features a big name that hip hop fans love to see perform live.

This racket is a great option for intermediate players that are looking for lightweight power. It is the lightest model in Wilson’s Ultra recreation line and offers a midplus frame with an enlarged sweet spot to provide additional power and forgiveness. The racket is also slightly longer than a standard adult racket, providing improved reach and easier court coverage.

With a frame weight of only 9.7 ounces strung, this racket packs a lot of punch into its light frame. The 105 square inch head size allows for plenty of power, while the oversized sweet spot ensures consistent shot making. The frame is equipped with a vibration dampening system in the handle to reduce string on frame contact and enhance comfort.

The third iteration of 4iiii’s Precision single sided power meter offers accurate and reliable readings. The unit is compatible with Shimano cranksets, and is one of the most affordable power meters available. However, it’s worth noting that single sided power meters are not as accurate as dual sided models. They also tend to read differently at different power levels due to pedalling asymmetry between the legs. For serious athletes, a dual sided power meter is a must. power 105


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