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Hydro Vacuum Excavation Method – Recommended By Engineers

Vacuum excavation is an efficient method of removing waste and other materials from the site. The method is required to remove sludge, slurry, building site waste and other wet and dry materials. The equipment used for excavation is a combination of high-pressure water, which penetrates the soil and loosens it; and a high-flow vacuum, which absorbs the waste.Why do engineers recommend the method of hydro vacuum excavation?

Avoid damaging underground utilities

One of the reasons is the possible damage to underground utilities. The underground contains water pipes and power lines that can be damaged by conventional digging. Damaging them would mean unplanned repair costs. Conventional digging requires the engagement of a higher number of workers, and digging is slow. Vacuum excavation saves human labour as well as possible accidents in their lives. If vacuum excavation is not usable, another competent solution is to engage utility mapping/surveying services.

Underground mapping is a necessity for vacuum excavation sometimes. Both methods lead to higher safety, faster process achievement, and less risk of damage to surrounding facilities. Most engineers do not rely only on historical records when it comes to underground. Over time, the location of the utility lines changes so you can get a wrong picture of their location. It is the main reason why engineers are demanding for utility mapping and surveying before excavations. For utility investigation, survey and reporting, companies are using Robotic Total Stations and survey accurate GPS equipment.

Minimal site disruptions

Hydro vacuum excavation Sydney is a non-destructive excavation. The result would be minimal site disruptions. It is an environment-friendly method, meaning the workers and neighbourhood will be less exposed to underground waste. The great news is insignificant obstructions to the community, making it a recommended method for commercial and industrial projects.

Cost-effective excavation solution

The method of hydro vacuum excavation may not be the cheapest compared to traditional methods of digging. The cost depends on the accessibility and conditions on the site, the duration of the project, etc. However, better security and control over possible damages overcome other methods. zemní práce


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