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Computer Data Recovery Costs

Four of the scariest words anyone can hear these days are computer data recovery cost. Hearing these words can mean only one thing, your computer is not working properly and valuable data that you have on the hard drive may be lost. If you are like a growing number of individuals that make a living online this scenario can be an absolute nightmare. While all files should be backed up to ensure the data is always saved, there is more times than not several ways to get lost data back from the dead, it is the cost of recovery that will vary.

When it comes to computer recovery cost there are two possible scenarios that can play out each with its own circumstances and cost:

1. Hard drive malfunction: In this instance there is some of your valuable data that can be damaged or even deleted. If the problem is caught early enough you can obtain data recovery software. The price for such software will depend on the brand name and other factors and generally runs anywhere from $40 to $130.

2. Physical damage to the hard drive: This is easily detected, as you will hear a whirring or clicking sound coming from your hard drive. Other signs include the hard drive becoming hot or your computer simply not starting. In this case, you need to seek the help of a computer recovery firm and the cost can be quite significant. Some firms charge a flat rate for data recovery while others charge according to how many GB your computer’s hard drive is. You can expect to pay $250 to over $1000 if an expert is needed.

If the problem is bad enough to warrant an expert there are some additional costs that need to be considered. Along with the fee of the actual data recovery, there are several other fees that will pop up and should be discusses with the professional before work has begun. These fees include:

o Media used to recover data: This can range from a jump drive, for smaller data recovery efforts, to an external hard drive, for the larger recoveries. Of course, the bigger the data recovery job the more expensive the media will be. This cost is typically not included in a firm’s quote.

o Evaluation: This is often included with the firm’s quote, but not always, so it should be addressed. This fee will vary from firm to firm.

o Delivery of the recovered data: If the firm you use is local then this won’t cost you more than a little gasoline, but if the firm is out of town then shipping charges both to and from will need to be considered. This charge is usually not covered in a firms quote, but some do, so make sure to ask. Profit Recovery


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